Blackberry playbook won't play bbc radio iplayer

  sunnypete 09:20 28 Jan 2013

My playbook gives media format may not be supported. Is there a way to get my local radio?

  sunnypete 10:06 28 Jan 2013

Tv iplayer works but not radio. Anyone?

  difarn 10:19 28 Jan 2013

The shortcut that you have installed, is it to the iPlayer and you try to access bbc radio from there or is it this link direct to iPlayer radio?

  sunnypete 10:43 28 Jan 2013

I have tried both, i.e. going via radio - local stations, they show up o.k. but on clicking "play now" I get the error message. Also going via iPlayer radio as you suggest gives the same result. I don't want to have to get an app, surely it should cope with just radio audio.

  difarn 11:29 28 Jan 2013

There seem to be a few people having the same problem - came across this link in a forum that may work for you.

You may also be interested in this article.

  sunnypete 13:20 28 Jan 2013

difarn Thanks for your last, apologies for the delay in following up, chicken curry called. I have looked at the two sites you suggested, and while they don't give a solution to the enigma, they have given me something to think about. It does look, though, like a missing audio codec, may have to wait for the BBC and RIM to get their acts together. The reason I am chasing this is that the Beeb have changed the time of our favourite Sunday evening programme on Radio Somerset to a later time almost in the wee small hours, and it would be convenient to listen on the Playbook, the programme is still on Devon and Cornwall at the old time.

  difarn 14:30 28 Jan 2013

I have read that the native blackberry playbook media player can play radio if the broadcasts are in MP3 format - this is why the article I posted earlier advised you to go to the playing live stream on the radio site. BBC iPlayer radio may only broadcast in proprietary formats except for MP3 podcasts.

You may find this and this interesting reading. I don't have a playbook myself (I do have a Blackberry) but I am very interested to see how they pan out.

  sunnypete 16:03 28 Jan 2013

Thanks most of that seems to refer to the phone, not the playbook. Perhaps I'll try the. Beeb direct?

  sunnypete 18:16 30 Jan 2013

difarn Just for the record I referred my query to the BBC and got a reply from Audience Services, but not much help. They referred me to BBC web pages I have already looked at, it does seem that radio iPlayer is only available on certain android devices. I fail to understand why the audio of video iPlayer programmes work perfectly well but not radio programmes. Probably this is a case of wait and see..

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