black and white to colour photo

  martd7 13:54 19 Dec 2014

How can I change a b/w photo scan into colour?

Can someone advise a free image editing program that will do this if possible?

Thanks,OS is

Windows 7 64bit

  martd7 19:54 19 Dec 2014

Nice tutorial looks good just need a free program that will do the same

  john bunyan 20:03 19 Dec 2014

Use the tutorial but try (free) - may be slightly different but worth a try

  john bunyan 20:15 19 Dec 2014

Have a read here

layers in

  martd7 12:05 20 Dec 2014

Thanks JB from what ive read will turn colour to black and white or sepia not the other way that i need it to

  john bunyan 13:02 20 Dec 2014


It should work like Photoshop does in the U Tube link. You can use various methods to select each area to colourise. I do have Photoshop, and not, but I am pretty sure it would work. Mind you a freebie is unlikely to give as good a result as Photoshop that can cost anything from £80 to £600 ! See colourise

  martd7 13:59 20 Dec 2014

Thanks JB i will give it a go

  martd7 12:12 21 Dec 2014

Thanks JB wouldn't say my artistic capabilities are that good but ive managed to do a reasonable job cheers

  john bunyan 12:14 21 Dec 2014


Well done; I suspect your skills would be honed by practise! Glad it worked.

  rdave13 12:37 21 Dec 2014

Have also come across this . I've had a play with it. Open a similar coloured photo on the right side. This is just to get the right colours for different sections. The monochrome photo is opened to the left. It's an online tool and you save the picture that opens in a new tab. Right clicking the finished photo and you can then 'save as'. Worth a look anyway.

  rdave13 12:39 21 Dec 2014

Should have refreshed first. Glad it worked mart7 .

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