black and white to colour photo

  martd7 13:54 19 Dec 2014

How can I change a b/w photo scan into colour?

Can someone advise a free image editing program that will do this if possible?

Thanks,OS is

Windows 7 64bit

  martd7 19:54 19 Dec 2014

Nice tutorial looks good just need a free program that will do the same

  john bunyan 20:03 19 Dec 2014

Use the tutorial but try (free) - may be slightly different but worth a try

  john bunyan 20:15 19 Dec 2014

Have a read here

layers in

  martd7 12:05 20 Dec 2014

Thanks JB from what ive read will turn colour to black and white or sepia not the other way that i need it to

  john bunyan 13:02 20 Dec 2014


It should work like Photoshop does in the U Tube link. You can use various methods to select each area to colourise. I do have Photoshop, and not, but I am pretty sure it would work. Mind you a freebie is unlikely to give as good a result as Photoshop that can cost anything from £80 to £600 ! See colourise

  martd7 13:59 20 Dec 2014

Thanks JB i will give it a go

  martd7 12:12 21 Dec 2014

Thanks JB wouldn't say my artistic capabilities are that good but ive managed to do a reasonable job cheers

  john bunyan 12:14 21 Dec 2014


Well done; I suspect your skills would be honed by practise! Glad it worked.

  martd7 17:04 21 Dec 2014

rdave 13 just had a brief go with colorise,excellent really good cheers for that ill save as favourite

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