Black vertical bar on RHS of screen

  bumpkin 21:43 27 Dec 2012

Not the easiest thing to explain but will try. Not all of the time but quite frequently I get a vertical black or blank area appearing on the screen RH side. This can be 5mm or up to 60mm which then pushes the display off the left hand side of the screen so I can no longer access the start button or start any programs. A cold boot normally fixes it but it should not be happening in the first place. It is a nuisance rather than big problem but if anyone can help please do.

  bumpkin 21:49 27 Dec 2012

That was unbelievably quick, I should have said XP

  bumpkin 22:17 27 Dec 2012

Thanks Jock1e, maybe someone has some ideas.

  rickf 23:13 27 Dec 2012

Suspect the graphics card/chip is on its way out.

  bumpkin 23:15 27 Dec 2012

Thanks Jock1e I appreciate and understand your suggestions but that is not it. It is a weird thing that only happens now and then but becoming more frequent

  bumpkin 13:05 28 Dec 2012

Thanks for the link Jock1e, seems I am not alone. Using an HP Compaq and the monitor is fairly new Bush flat screen TV. I can leave the TV on for hours on end with no problems so I don't think it is monitor related. I can switch the signal source to PC and find the black bar is back. The PC display is not squashed smaller but moved to the left by the width of the bar so I can't see the start button.

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