Black screen,possible buggy graphics driver ?

  skidzy 17:53 11 Dec 2007

Ok this has beaten me now for months.

When the pc is idle,the screen saver kicks in,not a problem we say.

However,once the mouse is moved the screen saver stops and we should be back to a web page or what ever you have on the screen...agreed ?

My problem is;

Once the mouse is moved,the screen just goes black and am forced to hard reset or sleep the machine and reboot.

Ive tried several Forceware drivers but still no joy.

This is a Vista machine with a clean bill of health.
Graphic and system spec click here

As usual,all replies and advice welcome please.


Looks like im becoming a regular now with one or two issues Lol :-)))

  SANTOS7 18:02 11 Dec 2007

Hey skidz, i know this may sound daft but if you turn off your screen saver (hate them) it would sort of elliminate your problem, or at least till we find an answer..

  skidzy 18:08 11 Dec 2007

Ello me ol Mucker Santos :-))

You know what,i had not even thought of that obvious route..DOH !

Cheers mate.

Just to add,its not a downloaded screensaver it is a preset screensaver within Vista.

Though i do wonder what damage could really be done if the system is left idle and no screensaver.
I do have a half decent HP 20in monitor,and prefer it not burnt out ...if possible ha ha.

  SANTOS7 18:21 11 Dec 2007

Not quite sure what purpose screen savers serve,when you are at the PC you don't need them and when you are away from the PC you can't see them.
I have never had screen savers active and it has done no damage to any of the 72 monitors i have had LOL...

  SANTOS7 18:26 11 Dec 2007

click here

this is what might be happening skidzy, closest i can come up with at the moment..

  skidzy 18:29 11 Dec 2007

" 72 monitors i have had "

Thought you would have had more than that Santos,bearing in mind you like to blow them up Lol

Sorry mate,cheap shot but had to be said :-)))

I have read in the past,if no screen saver is selected and you are away from the computer for a while on a regular could end up with dead pixels or even a burn in the screen.

Truthfully i know nothing about this or if its an old wives tale.

Monitors are not my strong point as you may have gathered.

  skidzy 18:33 11 Dec 2007

Just had a look at the link Santos,the screensaver is not the problem,its only when i move the mouse to get back to the screen i then get a black screen.The screensaver seems to work fine.

I have checked the power options but will follow the instructions.

I should add,i made a mistake earlier.
I was using a slideshow for the screensaver and not a preset one within Vista.

Nice little find there mate,will bookmark that link.
Cheers Santos.

  skidzy 18:37 11 Dec 2007

Just reset the power plan by following the link santos and reverted to a preset screensaver within Vista.

Fingers crossed this may sort the issue.

Thanks again mate.

  SANTOS7 18:38 11 Dec 2007

LCD computer monitors, including the display panels used in laptop computers, are not susceptible to burn-in because the image is not directly produced by phosphors (although they can suffer from a less extreme and usually non-permanent form of image persistence). For these reasons, screensavers today are primarily decorative or for entertainment, and usually feature moving images or patterns and sometimes sound effects.

click here

text taken from link skidz..

  p;3 18:51 11 Dec 2007

one of my computers behaves in a similar fashion; so, thinking 'out of box', one might suggest to consider that a conflict between s screan saver and the sleep mode might exist?

and an obvious temp solution is to turn OFF the screan saver and see what the computer makes of that ?

  g0nvs 18:53 11 Dec 2007

I had a similar problem a few years ago with a Phillips monitor, turned out to be a faulty monitor.

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