Black screening after I close my browser

  ICMC87 14:32 15 Apr 2018

Has to be one of the strangest issues I've ever run into. My son was using my computer to play some Prodigy and now when I close (Or minimize) my browser window and try to left click on anything the screen goes black. (Almost as if it's gone to sleep except I was just active on it and no amount of button hitting is bringing it back). I've since figured out that right clicking brings it back instantly. The mouse moves with no issue while the screen is black and everything comes right back. I have done some googling but am coming up dry at the moment and have no idea. I'm running windows 7 if that helps at all. I've checked / reseated all my cables so I don't think this is a physical issue,

  Bris 19:23 15 Apr 2018

See the last post in this thread click here and maybe try the rest if no go.

1]: [click here

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