Black screen and then a boot loop

  DucksterHD 23:50 30 Apr 2017

Hello there So my Pc was doing just fine until a couple of days ago. I tried starting up cs go and it went black screen. Whatever i did it just showed me no connection on the monitor. I check all of the cables and unplugged and plugged in everything. So reinstalled a new OS and couldn't find windows 10 and installed vista instead. It started working and i started downloading everything when the pc just started resetting itself. No matter what i do sooner or later it resets. So i dont know if something is broken or what... Please help, thanks in advance.

  Forum Editor 17:56 01 May 2017

This is worth a try:-

Locate "\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo.exe" and right click the file.

Select properties.

Uncheck 'Run As Administrator'

Uncheck 'Compatibility Mode'

Click on apply, and then click 'OK'.

No guarantees, but it's worth trying.

  DucksterHD 18:35 01 May 2017

Yeah that's no good for me because its constantly restarting itself now. Even when on home screen it restarts

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