Black Screen on Startup

  Samwella 22:38 23 Aug 2003

Any ideas on this one, it even has the shop fooled. The green power light comes on, but there is no sign of the hard drive working and the monitor is totally black, no cursor, nothing at all. It is a laptop connected to a monitor and both are under a year old and were working perfectly the night before. Leads etc have been checked and are ok.

  jospar 22:57 23 Aug 2003

I was just about to ask weather anything happened on the laptop screen, but

It sounds like its a memory or graphic card problem. It might just be that the memory/graphic cards need reseating, or it might be that they have become faulty.

I've just had this with my desk top, first If I knocked the the tower everthing would cut out and then reboot, checked all my connection, but the problem persisted. Then I would have trouble booting, then wouldn't boot at all, reseated graphic card to no avail. Then I reseated my memory card and haven't had a problem since.

Don't forget that it has been really hot lately, and this could have caused the cards to work loose due to expansion, more so with laptops due to being moved around.

If this doesn't solve the problem, try new memory first, this may have become faulty.

I'm suprised that if the shop couldn't find the fault, and the lap top is under a year old that they haven't replaced it?

If you feel that this haven't solved your problem post back with details, make, model i.e p4 2.ghz ect, and the operating system you are using. The more details here may make it easier for someone else to give a better ansewr.

  Belatucadrus 23:30 23 Aug 2003

My laptop went through a phase where I had to reset the brightness on every boot, it frequently opened black. But other than this the boot up was normal. The problem wasn't properly fixed until I reformated.

  BillD 14:53 24 Aug 2003

I don't know whether this relates or not but on my PC with TFT screen and XPhome, sometimes when I boot the screen stays black. The switch power light on the TFT is ON but the SW. has no effect.
If I pull the plug and then sw. ON the screen comes alive!

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