Black screen, resolution not change!

  LUDOKI3 18:25 19 Jan 2019

So i have a new pc, installed windows, but i cant change the screen resolution (it isnt highlighted) i tried installing new drivers but it gets half way then screen just goes off, and i cant get anything back on unless i reinstall windows, i check the display adapter in device manager, and says (microsoft basic display adapter) should this say my graphics card? i really am stuck.

Any help is much appreciated, i hope i explained ok, im not the best with pcs.

Thank you.

  wee eddie 19:28 19 Jan 2019

Are you sure that you haven't opened in Safe Mode

  LUDOKI3 22:05 19 Jan 2019

I never went in anything to choose boot in safe mode, thanks for your reply

  wee eddie 22:20 19 Jan 2019

Reseat your Graphics Card and check that it is suitable

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