black screen with desktop peeking out from behind

  Purple Sue 23:04 22 Feb 2012

Hmmmm, this is new on me. My daughters HP netbook appears to have decided on start up (after password) to show totally black screen - well I say totally but there is a small strip of blue on the left side. It is like a empty window. The windows start button is in the bottom left, and a small pop up with two 'my videos' sort of links - but the netbook does nothing at all no response. my daughter has left it for ages in case it was thinking about something to no avail.

Can anyone help? I have forgotten even how to start in safe mode.

  difarn 08:10 23 Feb 2012

Is it still switched on or have you powered down and re-booted? This happened to me a couple of days ago following a windows update - powering down and re-booting fortunately cleared it for me.

You say that the start button is there - did you click on it to see if it opened? Is there a dvd or cd in the drive?

It could be do to the video driver needing updating.

It may be for some reason that the resolution of the screen has been altered.

If you can get into the control panel after clicking on the start button, then go onto display, settings, and check that the resolution is correct for the laptop display.

Have a look at this article explaining how to do this.

To start in safe mode you keep tapping the F8 button until the screen appears.

  Purple Sue 22:04 23 Feb 2012

Thanks Difarn,

I did try to reply but my phone was having non of it this morning. darn technology!

Have managed to start it in safe mode, so I can maybe play around with it now.

I will look at the article and let you know how I get on.


  difarn 22:11 23 Feb 2012

Good luck.

  Purple Sue 22:19 23 Feb 2012

Ha - simples - I managed to go to uninstall programs from safe mode, and she had indeed recently installed something (Livid?) anyway, all removed (I think) and appears to be a happy bunny.

Many thanks for your support!


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