Black screen of Death computer not displaying

  Blundermore 03:02 17 Oct 2017

I recently started having a problem with my pc when the display screen started flickering and going to black blank display then saying that the nvidiea geforce driver failed and recovered. From there the problem got worse and worse, it wouldn't display at all unless booted into safe mode or anything. I tried installing new drivers with no luck and deleting the old ones as well. Tried scanning it with malware bytes and Norton to clean it that way. Tried actually cleaning the entire pc out of dust etc. Tried changing the cables out that didn't work. Tested my screen with a different piece of equipment that is fine. Couldn't get my pc to display on a different screen at all etc. The HDMI video port is on the graphics card itself your see...

And just recently last night I caught what happens when it does manage to display anything in normal non safe boot mode.

I think the GPU is fucked but I want to be certain on that assessment before I go out and buy a potentially expensive piece of hardware.

GPU is a Geforce GTX 760 if that matters.

The screen works fine with other devices as does the cables connecting to it. These are not the fault or issue as I've already tested them with other devices and found out they work as intended. The PC itself is the only thing that can't seem to display anything.

Also to note when turning on the PC you can hear the windows startup noise when you get to the login page for the user accounts so the PC is functioning and you can hear it functioning. You can even literally log in and hear it start up. Issue is you literally can't see anything. It seems to be entirely a display issue and the display only works when put into safe mode. Putting it into safe mode requires turning it off and on again until it eventually forces itself to display and boot into safe mode.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:00 17 Oct 2017

and the display only works when put into safe mode.

which makes it sound more like a driver problem.

However its worth removing the card and making sure its clean and dust free then refit and see if it works then.

  Blundermore 13:03 17 Oct 2017

I've tried reinstalling the card, cleaning it, reinstalling the drivers etc. Nothing seems to work. Even after several windows updates I'd Been putting off. I am really stuck as with what I should do really. When this all started I noticed the first time it said that the driver stopped working and has recovered. Now though trying to boot out of safe mode causes the screen to flicker violently with multi coloured pixels and everything as the whole display just freaks out flashing and all sorts making it impossible to see anything unless put into safe mode. In the four years I've had my setup this has never happened.

  Blundermore 13:07 17 Oct 2017

It makes me wonder if the card is dying a slow and painful death or if something else is up.

  Blundermore 14:24 17 Oct 2017

Running a system restore to the point prior to this all starting to see if maybe that might fix things

  BRYNIT 14:55 17 Oct 2017

"Now though trying to boot out of safe mode causes the screen to flicker violently with multi coloured pixels and everything as the whole display just freaks out flashing and all sorts"

Flashing and multicolour pixel usually in square patterns usually indicates a faulty graphics card. Are you able to connect the monitor direct to the Mother board if so remove graphics card and see if you can boot into windows.

  Blundermore 15:11 17 Oct 2017

Unfortunately the motherboard doesn't have a video port of its own. HDMI or otherwise unless there's a way to display video through a USB adaptor perhaps but I doubt that is possible. Was able to start up windows normally today and it was fine for a bit as I ran the system restore but now it's gone blank again which is a little bit of a worry because turning it off will interrupt the restore if I try it before its done. But I don't know when it will be done because I can't see what the computer is doing now.

I'd like to think this is a software error but as I go further down the list of fixes without finding a solution it seems I'm running out of ideas other than the card being faulty now. Could it also be possible that the PCI express slot the GPU sits in is faulty and not the card though? This is also a worry because going out and spending a load of money on a new card to find out that it was actually the motherboard at fault would be extremely frustrating

  Blundermore 15:13 17 Oct 2017

I don't have another motherboard or graphics card to test these theories.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:27 17 Oct 2017

I had one with similar problems and that was the fan on te card came apart.

Its certainly looking bad for the card, but as you say could be the PCi slot. without another machine to test it in you may have to take it to a shop for further testing, explain to them what you have done so they do't waste time repeating your work.

Any chance of borrowing a mates card or getting them to try yours?

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