Black screen of death after windows 8 update on 4 computers so far

  mark8916 19:25 17 Mar 2015

Hi All I do computer repairs for friends and family and in the past 4 days 4 have asked me to fix their computers. They are all running windows 8 or 8.1. After logging on the screen goes black The curser still moves but that's as far as it gets. This appears to have happened after the latest set of windows updates. Does anyone know the exact update that is causing the problem. Thanks

  robin_x 20:14 17 Mar 2015

No but reports of 800MB to 1.5GB of updates.

Wouldn't be so bad if users could easily get to System Restore to get up and running again till further info appears.

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  Secret-Squirrel 20:21 17 Mar 2015

"Wouldn't be so bad if users could easily get to System Restore...."

At the login screen, hold down the left shift key then click the power icon and choose "Restart". The PC will reboot and System Restore is one of the options.

I fixed a chap's PC last Friday that had been broken by the latest Windows 8.1 updates :(

  mark8916 20:38 17 Mar 2015

I've restored the PC and re installed the updates virtually one at a time creating restore points at each successful restart. The one remaining update which appears to be the culprit is KB3000850. (700+ MB)

A look on the net shows that this has been causing problems for many months in various ways. It was released as important then went to optional when problems were highlighted and is now back as important but not automatically selected in the update page. There may be an issue with Avast in particular with this update. I'm hiding this update meantime until I've investigated the other three PC's with the same symptoms. Would appreciate anyone else's thoughts.

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