Black Screen on cold boot

  [email protected] 07:56 14 Apr 2006

When I boot my PC from cold it frequently does not appear to "connect" to the monitor.

I can hear the PC boot but the screen remains blank & does not register that the PC has been switched on.

When I start it again it then eppears to "catch"?? the monitor & all then works perfectly.

Any ideas appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:37 14 Apr 2006

Check graphics card is fully pushed home in its slot.

In fact best to remove and refit it to ensure good connection.

  [email protected] 22:38 14 Apr 2006

Tried that but problem still there :(

Just tried installing omega drivers to see if that'll make any difference - doubt it as I think this is happening before any drivers loaded.

  Kalb 10:42 15 Apr 2006

Just logged on & found your thread
Had the same problem & it turned out to be the memory modules; release and re-seat all memory modules & bingo

  [email protected] 22:32 15 Apr 2006

I'll give that a go tomorrow - Cheers Kalb

  [email protected] 13:18 18 Apr 2006

Though we had cracked it but still happening intermittantly.

Is a problem like this most likely to be software related or hardware?

  woodchip 13:20 18 Apr 2006

I think the PSU is down on power, or is getting weak

  Smiler 13:27 18 Apr 2006

Most likely a hardware problem as the monitor is activated before the bios loads.
Did the memory reseat make a difference if so it could be either still seating badly or the memory is faulty. Might be worth trying memtest click here

  [email protected] 13:47 18 Apr 2006

Cheers for quick replies

The PSU is a relitavely new Hyper 580W unit so dont think that is the problem (I hope!)

I'll run the memory checker now.

  [email protected] 14:44 18 Apr 2006

Memory passed test with flying colours!

The newest "bit" in my system is the video card (X800XT) - could this be the culprit or would an error be thrown up during the startup? - It performs flawlessly otherwise.

  woodchip 15:45 18 Apr 2006

For faulty Ram or Graphics you get more than one beep from the system speaker

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