Black screen & blinking cursor at boot up

  barnettgs 18:30 27 Jun 2004

I have just built new system and installed windows xp afterward. Windows XP installation has went very well and it does start up windows xp fine. But now, sometimes it doesn't start windows xp, instead of that, it just shows a blank screen with blinking cursor. I have updated bios with the latest (for Gigabyte motherboard).

What is causing this? Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:42 27 Jun 2004

How far does it get during the boot sequence? Past the post showing Harddrives etc. but not into XP screen with moving bar?

  barnettgs 18:48 27 Jun 2004

bios screen showing everything including cd-rom, ram and harddrive and once it is about to start windows XP, thats where it stops with cursor blinking...

I'm suspecting it could be AGP card... I have re seated AGP card to ensure it is fully connected and it seemed to start up ok so only time will tell...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:54 27 Jun 2004

If it happens again have a read of this thread click here

  Night Ryder 19:10 27 Jun 2004

I've seen this sort of thing in the past and if I remember correctly, when it happend to me I discovered that I had a sticky key on my keboard.
In other words one of the keys switches was remaining closed intermittantly. If you have a spare keyboard, try using this for a while and see if this resolves the problem.

  woodchip 19:22 27 Jun 2004

Not AGP or you would not get blinking cursor, your problem for me is a Driver problem, it could be you AGP driver see if it will start in safe mode as it only loads basic drivers

  woodchip 19:23 27 Jun 2004

You could also try a new Ribbon cable on the hard drive

  barnettgs 19:33 27 Jun 2004

Hmmm, keyboard's fine as I had tried using other keyboard.

I understand about AGP but I thought AGP drivers only loaded along with Windows XP at the same time?

Basically, at start up, bios's fine but no windows splash startup logo.

Are you sure that it is windows/drivers related problem?

It is hard to track down a problem because it does start up sometimes and doesn't sometimes as well so it looks like a time consuming work for now.

I would be surprised if it is a driver related problem but can it be responsible the windows xp start up? I doubt...because i was installing driver from CD which comes with Geforce 5200 card (gigabtye).

Thanks for link but my problem is it doesn't tell me any error or blue screen.

By the way, I'm running latest P4 3.0Ghz 800FSB 1Mb cache and I notice the running temperture is 50-55ish, is that normal temp?


  barnettgs 19:35 27 Jun 2004

I'm using IDE cable supplied with gigabyte motherboard but thanks for suggestion, it could be but if it's faulty, should a bootup screen shows the harddrive error?

  barnettgs 19:37 27 Jun 2004

Also only one harddrive is set to 'master' & '16 sector'.

  €dstowe 19:55 27 Jun 2004

Ensure that all plugs, sockets, connectors, cables, jumpers - anything that is able to be removed - are firmly in place. Probably best if you take them all out and put them back again. Ensure that everything that is supposed to be connected is connected.

If that doesn't work, remove all non-vital components. Just have M/B, CPU (with heatsink and fan, of course), graphics card and one stick of memory. Does this get you past the startup screen? If yes, then connect the hard drive. If it works, connect one other item and test. Carry on one at a time until everything is working OK or you've found the problem hardware.

When and where is the temperature showing at 55? 55 may be OK after running for a time but if it is soon after start-up, it is too hot and the problem may be the CPU (partially) shutting down to prevent its own suicide.

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