Black Screen after OS loads

  imperial4cereal 05:05 04 Sep 2008

This morning I turned on my laptop, only for it to freeze almost immediately after everything had loaded. So I decided to turn it off then back on...on to see a black screen after the Vista OS screen finishes loading. I've tried to boot in safe mode, but I'm only given to options; 1) Start Windows Normally. 2) Repair and Start Windows. Both of these options have the same outcome, a black screen shortly after. Its a Lenovo 3000 N200 and I've had no problems until now. I don't really want to have to restore to factory defaults because I have far to much that would be lost. Also, the Lenovo Care Center thing doesn't load either. Anyone have some insight?

  imperial4cereal 03:59 05 Sep 2008

Hmm, if I were to purchase a Laptop to IDE HDD adapter could I transfer files from it to my desktop + reformat?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:59 05 Sep 2008

have you tried plugging in a external monitor to see if it is a screen problem?

  imperial4cereal 03:12 06 Sep 2008

Just did and its a no go. Thanks for the suggestion though, all input is welcome. =)

  ened 06:01 06 Sep 2008

Apparently if Microsoft scan your system and then decide you do not have a valid certificate (I'm not saying you don't because they can make mistakes) this will result in your Desktop going completely black.

However you would still be able to operate.

Are you saying you have no control either?

  imperial4cereal 06:44 06 Sep 2008

The only control I have is over the curser that loads maybe 60% of the time. Other than that I cannot do anything.

  ened 07:28 06 Sep 2008

Which button are you pressing for Safe Mode?

  imperial4cereal 20:02 06 Sep 2008

F8, is there another that I should try?

  ened 06:21 07 Sep 2008

No other, no.

It is just that when I press F8 with my Vista Ultimate I get a whole renge of options, including 'Last known good configuration'.

After booting does the Windows key give you anything?

  imperial4cereal 07:08 07 Sep 2008

So I guess I wasn't tapping F8 either enough or at the right time. I just tried; Last known good configuration, all 3 Safe Modes, Repair Windows and Windows Debugger. All of which give me the black screen afterwords, don't finish loading and just stop or freeze half way through. =(

  imperial4cereal 07:32 07 Sep 2008

However after I tried Last known good configuration, the screen flashed blue for a brief moment then restarted.

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