Black screen after a crash [Win10]

  woltcher 14:34 12 May 2017

Hello! I've got a slight problem here. About a month ago my PC crashed after running Guild Wars 2 and Gwent at the same time. Black screen with horizontal artifacts. I had to hard reset, as there was no other way around. After starting up (BIOS logo and Win10 loading screen) the monitor just turns off (like it's not detecting the signal from my GPU, even if the GPU's light is on), my mouse is blinking, then again, looks like it loses the signal from my MOBO - worth to mention, I've had some problems with my USB ports lately, sometimes under stress it just cuts off the power from it (?). So what I've done... I've changed my GPU to an old one (GF 9500GT) and it worked, no more black screen. Mouse works, sometimes MOBO still cuts off the power from the ports. Even though, last week, after simply turning off my PC and starting it the next day, black screen happened again. So I restarted. Worked after that. I am not sure what's wrong. Is it GPU? PSU? MOBO? Have a nice day and thanks in advance for every answer. Also, sorry for my English, it's not my native language.

Specs: CPU: AMD FX8350 (Not OC'd, with Silentium PC Fera 3 cooler) GPU: AMD R9 270x (the one that crashed for the first time), GeForce 9500GT (used now) MOBO: MSI 970A-G43 PSU: Corsair VS650 HDD: WD Blue 1TB

  xania 17:03 12 May 2017

The only thing that I can come up with is that you have somehow damaged that Graphics card - the old one seems to have no problems. Also, your PSU should be powerful enough, but if its no producing the goods then a replacement may be on the cards. Suggest using the old Graphics card for the moment and see what happens

  woltcher 17:37 12 May 2017

Thanks! Exactly what I did :) The black screen reappeared twice on this ol' GPU, but I was able to get over it after a restart. With my bets, it's either MOBO or GPU. Less likely PSU.

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