Black screen on Acer laptop

  awest3 17:29 22 Nov 2013

I've got a friends Acer aspire 7300wsmi laptop at the moment. Its not firing up.

When the power button is pushed the green light comes on and I can hear the fan but nothing on the screen. I can't see any activity lights on the HDD.

I removed the HDD and put into a caddy linked to my desktop, all appears to be ok.

I thought it was possibly a dry joint between the Cpu and Heatsink so I took it apart and cleaned the cpu and heatsink, applied more thermal paste and then put it back together. Whilst stripping the machine I removed most of the componants and resettled them.

All to no avail still the same...

Any ideas welcome..

Thanks Al

  rdave13 17:49 22 Nov 2013

Normally you would get the ACER splash screen before Windows boots. If that doesn't show possibly something wrong with the display? Have you tried connecting it to another monitor/TV ? What is worrying, though, is that there appears to be no HDD activity.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:05 22 Nov 2013

Seems to be a common fault with Acers that they freeze during the boot process (before getting to look for the HDDs or DVD drives

Can you get into the BIOS? rest it to default condition by removing CMOS battery and all other power to the machine.

But first try -remove battery and mains- hold power button for 30 secs - refit mains and retry (leave batery out if ok refit battery).

  awest3 18:09 22 Nov 2013

Hi Thanks for this, I just tried connecting it to another monitor and I don't appear to be getting a signal.

Maybe its a fried cpu chip. I'm told that the Gpu chips in these go quite easily and if I was getting HDD activity its probably something I'd have a go at..putting some copper chips betwixt heat sink and Gpu chip that is.

I'll try and get my hands on a replacement Cpu..

Thanks again.

  awest3 18:11 22 Nov 2013

Thanks fruitbat.

No I'm afraid I don't get anything at all except the green power light and the fan running.

I have tried your other suggestions to no avail I'm afraid.


  Bris 18:25 22 Nov 2013

One of the first things that happen during the POST is for the main BIOS to try to contact the GPU. If it doesnt succeed then it wont go any further hence the lack of activity re the HDD and nothing on the screen. So it looks like your assumption that its the GPU could be correct.

  awest3 18:32 22 Nov 2013

Just ordered a replacement cpu.. £1.79 post free...

I'll let you know how I get on.

Thanks Al

  rdave13 18:38 22 Nov 2013

Looks bad but you need to use one of the FN keys to change monitors as it's not automatic I believe. As Bris it might be a dead GPU chip.

  rdave13 18:40 22 Nov 2013

How you can replace that GPU chip is an unknown entity for me. The CPU might be OK.

  rdave13 18:45 22 Nov 2013

Have a look at Google.

  rdave13 18:47 22 Nov 2013

Forget last post it's gone to the 9303 model.

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