Black screen...

  patpinder 19:00 23 Jan 2013

Laptop. Toshiba P200 satellite.....I know, It's a bit dated, but I can't afford to replace it....the problem is, when my cursor passes over a link or active part of the site I'm trying to view, the screen goes black and remains so until I blindly find a non active part of the page. Pleases help this old's driving me nuts !!!!

  Ex plorer 02:03 24 Jan 2013

You could try running any anti virus and any other protection you have, make sure its up to date first.

What operating system are you running.

Can you try setting the laptop back to an earlier time when all was well.

  Ex plorer 10:23 24 Jan 2013

Have you tried different search browsers, IE Fire Fox Chrome etc. to see if you get the same results.

If the cable between screen and laptop is worn, try restarting laptop with the screen in different positions. or move the screen back and forth and see if the problem disappears.

  Ex plorer 10:42 24 Jan 2013

Try Hooking up an external monitor If the external monitor works the trouble is with the display.

  patpinder 13:24 24 Jan 2013

Thanks for your responses to my 'Black Screen' problem...I don't know how or why cured itself!!!.Switched it back on next morning and it was ok...however I have filed your answers for future use....thank you.

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