Black screen...

  blkpanther35 20:52 09 Jul 2007

Here is what's going on:

PC cranks up and sounds like it's running (fans, tell-tale lights, etc)

Screen is black. No cursor, no life of any kind.

Tested both the graphics card & monitor on another working PC and both are fine (cables tested too). Monitor will display 'no signal' when PC is turned off or it is unplugged, however with PC on, it is just black... nothing.

Worked fine the night before, now black screen.

Important note: on dismantling the unit and removing the CPU fan, the CPU heatsink was totally clogged with dust, as in solid dust in all the fins. I believe the unit was over-clocked... if that matters. Worked fine for 2 years though.

So, my questions are:

1) if the CPU itself is bad, will I get any display at all on the screen? Or just black?

2) is it more likely to be the motherboard and not the CPU itself?

3) Any other theories?

In my mind, since both the monitor and graphics card test good, I can't imagine anything else that would give a black screen other than the CPU or M/B. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

FWIW: Asus P3 M/B, 1.1ghz CPU, 512mb RAM, 128mb NVidia, 40gig H/D (yes it's old, but if I can get it fixed I'll have another PC for my young son to use)

  Jak_1 20:58 09 Jul 2007

Could be a psu failure, are the bios beeps normal on bootup?

  blkpanther35 21:05 09 Jul 2007

Yes, I do hear the normal beep.

  daxian 21:09 09 Jul 2007

hi blkpanther....
try pressing F8 at startup ...and see if it will go into safe mode....Dave

  blkpanther35 21:11 09 Jul 2007

That was one of the first things I tried... still black screen. No response. Couldn't get into safemode.

  blkpanther35 21:15 09 Jul 2007

Another possibly relevant fact: It was running fine the night before when I shut it down. When I turned it on the next day, the screen stayed black. So, I guess my point is, it wasn't left on overnight only to return to a black screen the next morning. Might be important when considering the 'overheating' part of the question.

  daxian 21:26 09 Jul 2007

hi again ....
only other suggestion would be to reseat the memory ,
as this would give a blank screen ,if it was the cpu at fault then pc would not start at all ....overheating would cause the pc to hang as it reached a critical temp but would run for at least the first five minutes ......dave.

  blkpanther35 21:28 09 Jul 2007

I removed the memory (2 sticks) and then replaced them. No luck. That was what got me thinking about the possibility of a bad MB. Would bad memory give a black screen?

  daxian 21:47 09 Jul 2007

hi again ....
not normally ...but try one stick at a time to test its an asus board remember to switch power off at the socket before removing memory because not doing so will blow the memory and damage the board.
normally no display will be down to the graphics card
or badly seated memory ...or just occasionally due to
the resolution being set outside of the cards capability...which is why i suggested safemode .

  blkpanther35 21:48 09 Jul 2007

Another factor, maybe important: when I removed the heatsink from the CPU to clean it, I didn't notice any "thermal paste" at all. Should all machines have that? Or am I way off-base with the overheating issue?

  blkpanther35 21:52 09 Jul 2007

Now that's interesting. I wasn't aware of a power switch at the memory socket, but as paranoid as I usually am, I don't remove or swap out any memory while it's powered up. I've always shut down the PC. Now if I should turn the socket off before running only one stick, that's another story... I may have tried only one stick (which I'll try again) but I wouldn't have turned off the power at the empty socket. Hope that didn't screw anything up.

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