Black screen

  Gazza54B 10:25 05 May 2004

Hi all I wondered if anyone could help me out here, I have a Athlon xp2400 1 gig ddr ram and a g-force4 fx5200 128mb graphics card and using a 17" proview TFT. My problem is as follows, during normal operation my screen will go black for a second then come back, this can happen anytime with any program, sometimes it will do it up to about ten times then be fine for a few minutes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the graphics card with the latest nvidia drivers, I have tried a dif monitor and still have the problem. Any ideas ? thanks

  AndySD 13:00 05 May 2004

Have a look in the BIOS/Setup and make sure the AGP Appature is set to 64mb (min) or half your RAM (max)

  BH34 13:09 05 May 2004

I have the same problem

click here

  wee eddie 21:00 05 May 2004

A rough idea of how long this has been going on would help, also what OS are you using

  carver 22:11 05 May 2004


Have you checked the output from your PSU, check that the voltages are correct, 3.3v /5v /12v they should all be within 3 percent of stated voltage.

  Gazza54B 10:20 06 May 2004

It looks like it was the graphics card gone belly up, I've been out and bought a new one and so far so good, thanks for your replies

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