Black lines across my laptop

  ennnceee 05:51 16 Jul 2019

That's it, really. Two tightly-knit black lines a quarter of the way along the top and two tightly-knit 2" lines a quarter of the way down, a third of the way across.

Is my laptop about to die?


  wee eddie 09:09 29 Jul 2019

There comes a time when one has to make a decision.

How annoying is it?

Are you prepared to spend £100 on a £300 Laptop?

If you are - Take it into a High Street Repair Shop (Curries/PCW are extortionate) and ask for a quote. BUT Before you do that - Back up (make an external Copy of) all your Files

  ennnceee 09:15 29 Jul 2019

Thanks, Eddie. Not at all annoying at the moment, well, only very slightly, I suppose.

Think will just carry on regardless and see what happens. All files already backed up externally.


  ennnceee 06:08 07 Aug 2019

Think that's about it, then. Thanks all for interest and assistance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:21 07 Aug 2019

The only other thing you could try is to reinstall the drivers however because it doesn't happen on the external monitor then it is probably a hardware issue.

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