Black ink smearing Epson C42UX

  vienna1981 19:04 05 Dec 2004

Hi, for the past couple of months I can't seem to get rid of this problem. I have an Epson C42UX and on all my printout there is black ink smeared across the paper. I have tried head cleaning and changing the cartridge but it hasn't helped. I am very reluctant to start cleaning bits inside the printer incase I break something. So, does anyone have any ideas about what I should do?

  LastChip 21:28 05 Dec 2004

What happens if you run a paper feed?

Do you still get the smears?

If so, it's probably some ink got onto the rollers or drive mechanism somewhere, and a thorough clean is probably the only answer.

  vienna1981 21:39 05 Dec 2004

when i ran the paper feed the paper was clear of any marks, it only seems to happen on printouts.

  woodchip 21:45 05 Dec 2004

get a tissue and move the carts to load position then try mopping some of the ink from the sponge rest where the ink cart rest's under normal use at the right hand side there is excess ink in it by the sound of it

  vienna1981 21:53 05 Dec 2004

ok i'll try that later and let you know how that goes

  woodchip 21:59 05 Dec 2004

Get some gloves on it's a nasty job to do

  billyliv 00:34 06 Dec 2004

Hi, I had one that did the same. Sorted it by binning it and getting another make. Cheers, Bill

  vienna1981 13:09 06 Dec 2004

hi bill, well sort of don't have any spare cash for a new one! will try cleaning it later using some gloves 'acquired' from work!

  ACOLYTE 13:13 06 Dec 2004

Mine does this sometimes,when i havent used it for a while,i think its because when its turned on it auto recharges the ink,and they can become to full,i always feed a sheet through before printing anyway and that seems to clear it.

  jack 14:25 06 Dec 2004

The ink smearing is caused by the surplus ink tank is full.
In the base of the machine there is an absorbant pad that takes up surplus ink from head cleans etc.
This needs changing.
Take it to an Epson centre where they allegedly will change its nappy - In fact their hour rates are such they will simply offer you 10% off the new printer.
Or you can try your self and find any absorbant material to replace the existing {Huggies'?]

take a look at click here
I work on the principle If its broke you cant break it worse - in this throwaway age

  ACOLYTE 14:28 06 Dec 2004

Cant read russian lol,or atleast thats what i think it is.

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