Black ink lines on back of photos

  Trikie 00:27 03 Jul 2005

My Epson Photo Stylus 890 has started to deposit black ink lines on the back of glossy papers (took me a while to find out why my hands were getting black!)

Is there a way I can cure this?

  Taff36 00:36 03 Jul 2005

Sounds like you`ve got excess ink on the rollers or mechanism. Suggest you print about 20 blank pages of a word document to drag out the excess and let it dry out overnight. In the morning, if it isn`t cured when printing another 20 blanks - take out the ink cartridges and see if one`s leaking. Use some kitchen roll to dab the rollers and print mechanism. In particular let one soak up the cleaning area usually to the right where the cartridges "rest" (With the cartridges removed the carriage should be somewhere in the middle.)

By the way unplug the thing from the mains whilst you do it!

  edennorman 07:22 03 Jul 2005

Hmmm I had this problem on my stylus photo 750...all i did was get a clean cotton rag and carefully wiped off the black plastic rollers that the ink cartridge runs along...for me..problem solved.

Good Luck


  Bingalau 09:46 03 Jul 2005

Maybe you have used a size of paper too small for a particular job, just prior to using the sheet with the ink on the back. The ink which should have been on the previous job, is then deposited on the rollers and then onto the back of the next few sheets of paper to go through the printer.....if you get my gist?

  zarobian 10:18 03 Jul 2005

Lift the front lid of the Printer. Here you will find a lever which you might have set to 1. Set this lever back to 0. Thereafter run the printer clean up software. After couple of prints you will get rid of excessive ink.


  zarobian 10:22 03 Jul 2005

I should have said, lift the front cover which is hiding Ink cartridges and rollers etc.

  €dstowe 11:28 03 Jul 2005

This is a common fault on "borderless" printers, which I believe this model is. It is probably caused by very slight misfeed of paper which then results in either the paper being fed very slightly too far or similarly, not far enough. Either way, the printer then applies in on to paper that isn't there thus on to the platen roller.

Anyway, the remedies given should work. The way to avoid it is to VERY carefully align and set the paper or, print with a small (1 - 2 mm) border top and bottom and trim after printing.

  jack 15:18 03 Jul 2005

The real problem here is the 'Waste ink' tank is full. The SSC service utilty has a paper on its web site on how to carry out this mucky job.
I have done the same to a Photo750 after my local Epsom centre condemned the machine[Coz they did not want to do a mucky job that would take a couple of hours - ie the price of a new machine essentially ].
The following is a general guide- each model is different

This what you do - on a prepared surface ' take off all the removable bits - carts-paper trays.
look under the machine and you will see part is metal and part is plastic.[on the 750 the plastic is at the front- may be different on other models,
Now remove the top cover- usually 4 x head screws
looking to the side you may find the plastic part is in fact a tray with a single screw one side and tangs through holes on the other.
Remove the screw and lift the machine gently.
The tray should drop off.
It will have a lid with one screw, and be filled with soggy feltlike substance.
With care take it out and place in a bowl of warm soapy water wash and dry -re assemble- protective clothing, covers & gloves are all essetnial
It is a really mucky job -
or buy the next printer.

  Trikie 00:20 04 Jul 2005

Thanks everyone. I'll work my way through all the suggestions (and if all else fails buy a more up to date printer once I've used up the stock of cartridges!)

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