Is Black Friday a confidence trick?

  1936 14:24 13 Nov 2016

Does Black Friday really exist?

  robin_x 14:40 13 Nov 2016
  1936 15:21 13 Nov 2016

Frightening I most certainly wont be going live.

  wee eddie 15:33 13 Nov 2016

Not really, it's a great way of shifting old stock

  1936 15:39 13 Nov 2016

If its as bad as it appeared on the shots I just looked at I could not trust myself to enter a place where people behave like that. I might just revert to type.

  bumpkin 21:50 13 Nov 2016

Not really a con, just another seasonal sales gimmick

  mole44 05:14 14 Nov 2016

I buy a fair bit on line from Amazon,i now will refrain from this madness till mid January.

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