User-312386 08:05 30 Aug 2004

Good morning all

I have got to know a nice lad (Kris) lately who has started up a new forum click here

This forum is based around the youngsters and even older members.

I feel that a lot of youngsters need a place to chat and vent there aspirations in a forum that does not necessarily have to be computer related

I just wanted him to get a good start and see he has a few members already, he's a nice lad, pop in and say hello. click here

Hope the FE is ok with this


  Salinger 10:49 30 Aug 2004

It was a good idea, ruined by a looney Admin starting a private vendetta against another Forum.

  €dstowe 12:28 30 Aug 2004

I have looked in at Black Elephant as well.

It ought succeed but will not whilst the Admin remains as it is.

One of the administrators is some older antipodean guy who has, I understand, been banned from other forums. One look at his posts at BE will quickly show why. He is recruiting his, likewise, odd family into positions of responsibility on the forum as well.

The "nice lad (Kris)" would do well to ditch his Admin staff and reconsider his forum very carefully.

  Djohn 12:41 30 Aug 2004

in the beginning to help this young lad get his forum database going, I've just called back to see how things are and find that I've been taken of the register!

Very strange as I thought this was something done at ones own request. Seems I've been culled before I can lend a steady hand to the tiller?

  User-312386 13:27 30 Aug 2004

I have been called in to help Kris out and bring "normality" to the forum

  JonnyTub 13:30 30 Aug 2004

I wish you luck Madboy, just popped in and as suggested before it is in a bit of a mess.

  Higgs 23:29 30 Aug 2004

Madboy is right - I have been looking at the threads over the past two weeks and it seems to be a great forum in principle. Some of the more controversial threads have been recently deleted - but what remains gives a good flavour of the forum's standards.

It appears to be run by a youngster with ambition, but who is who is relatively inexperienced and unfortunately under the guidance of an old Aussie who has got himself appointed as Administrator and who has conscripted his very young daughter as a moderator. He is a man with strange and strong opinions with language to match and a distinct ability to talk in riddles.

From the few relevant threads remaining on the forum they claim to be a forum of free speech but delete threads and de-register members for no known reason. Bad language and confusing threads are substituted for rational content.

It is sad because the forum founder is quite young and has had the get-up-and-go to establish a forum for youngsters which has potential. It is a pity that he has been hijacked by an Aussie who appears to have a chip on both shoulders and who will surely drive members away.

Djohn, I hope you get back in the door and support Madboy in getting the mess sorted out.

  User-312386 07:03 31 Aug 2004

I hope to get the forum ship shape in the next 2 weeks

No swearing is allowed, as in most forums

Looking through all the postings now

  thin on top 07:30 31 Aug 2004

Good luck madboy33©®. The young man deserves a chance.

Perhaps, if you get the chance, you could e-mail those who got banned and let them know why.

  JAN-BOY 10:55 31 Aug 2004

I'm like djohn, I too joined at the start but seem to have been removed from the data base.

Guess I'd better just sign up again.

  User-312386 17:31 31 Aug 2004

I am unable to e-mail members as that is Administrators only

If you re register then you are most welcome as i as a moderator do not have the power to kick anybody from the forum.

I do not believe in removing anybody from forums, unless they have acted maliciously or they ask to be removed.

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