Black creen on startup windows vista home

  keithbarr60 21:28 29 Oct 2011

Hi guys, first post so go easy on me.

I'm a novice at pc repairs so this might be quite a simple fix or it could be unfixable.

I have an oldish homebuilt pc which is giving me problems. About six months ago it was working perfectly. The next day I powered it up and I got a black screen. Then after a few hours of messing around the psu died. Today I got a new psu and replaced the cmos battery and it started up(well sort of). I got to the msi logo then I got this screen,

AMERICAN Released :03/05/2005 MEGATRENDS AMIBIOS (c) 2003 American Megatrens inc

AMD Athlon (tm) 64 Processor 3000+ Checking NVRAM.. 1048576kb OK DRAM Clock= 400MHz, SDRAM CAS Latency= 3 DEL:Setup F11:Boot Menu F12:Network boot Tab:logo Auto-Detecting Pri Master..IDE Hard Disk Auto-Detecting Pri Slave.. Not Detected Auto-Detecting Sec Master..ATAPI CDROM Auto-Detecting Sec Slave.. ATAPI CDROM Pri Master: YAR41BW0 Maxtor 6Y080L0 Ultra DMA Mode-6 S.M.A.R.T. Capable but disabled Sec Master: VER K036 IDE5232CO Sec Slave : A102 HL-DI-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B

CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad

Press f1 to run setup Press f2 to load default values and continue.

So if I press f1 I get the bios screen, f2 it tries to boot up but goes to this screen

Scan Devices.. please wait..... No disk attached

press shift tab key to display network boot options menu, if i press that the blue screen appears then after that I get the black screen of death.

Any ideas how to get it working?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:45 29 Oct 2011

Oldish PC - off for 6 months - checksum bad

All points to dead or dying CMOS battery, its a cheap replacement

  rdave13 22:57 29 Oct 2011

Open the case and make sure all contacts are 'good'. That includes ram,hdd, and graphics card. Take a look at the mobo for any untoward signs of capacitors bulging or a faint smell of burning.

  keithbarr60 08:41 30 Oct 2011

Cmos battery has been replaced yesterday, andas far as I can see contacts are ok, no bulging or burning. Can't work out why it wont boot!

  onthelimit1 08:46 30 Oct 2011

It may be that there are some setting in the BIOS that will have been lost when the battery was removed - probably in the HDD settings..

  robin_x 09:52 30 Oct 2011

Yes. In BIOS, looks like you need to set your ATAPI CD ROM as first boot device (make sure no old CD in tray). 80GB Maxtor Primary Master as second boot device.

If there is an option for enable/disable of it too, obviously set it to enable.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:06 30 Oct 2011

F1 setup, can you load default or fail safe settings?

  keithbarr60 19:20 30 Oct 2011

@ Fruit Bat, won't let me load anything. I will ty other suggestions now and post back. Thans

  keithbarr60 21:16 30 Oct 2011

@ robinofloxley... Tried what you suggested but with no joy. Comes back to the black screen with flashing cursor. So that leaves me one option which is to press restart. That then brings me to the screen which says press shift + tab key to display boot options ( if I ignore this after a few seconds I get the black screen again) If i select shift + tab I get the blue screen showing

                 Rhine 11 fast ethernet adapter v 2.19

        Boot protocol       pxe  or rpl
        Boot option         network first, then local
                            local first, then network
                            local only
                            according bios

When i select any option I get the same black screen!

I have not got a clue with this thing.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:18 30 Oct 2011

If you can get to BIOS one of the menu items is load default settings choose this then save and exit(F10)

  keithbarr60 21:21 30 Oct 2011

Friut bat, that's what I did but it does nothing, sme frustrating black screen when it restarts.

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