Bizarre problem with Outlook Express

  solano 16:14 08 Jul 2003

Myself and 4 work colleagues are experiencing the same problems with email on Outlook Express. We can only send 'new' mail as any mail sent using 'reply' , 'Forward' etc does not send. For example, if you send an email to John Smith using 'reply' or 'forward' it does not work, but if you send it to John Smith using 'create new mail' it works fine.

Any ideas? 16:21 08 Jul 2003

Go in to Options in Tools, and see if all 5 boxs are ticked under Sending.

  solano 16:25 08 Jul 2003

All ticked

  madPentium 17:43 08 Jul 2003

I also presume that these emails you cannot reply to are replies from emails originally sent by you?
You need to go to the 'from' line and change it to your current email address before sending it.
I think you may have changed isp or emails recently?
In the 'from' line it will show your original email address and you must click the arrow at the end to change it to be your current email address.
When you send a new email, the default 'from' email address is picked up which will be your new one.

  Valvegrid 17:43 08 Jul 2003

Sorry solano, 'does not work' covers quite range of problems. Can you be a bit more specific on what the problem is please? For instance, any error messages or are the buttons greyed out etc.



One other thing, are you all on a network?

  solano 17:49 08 Jul 2003

To quote the error:

A time-out occurred while communicating with the server. Subject 'Re: New response to your discussion thread', Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC19

This problem also occurs with my other email account.

All affected parties use BT 500plus broadband router, never quite sure if this means we are networked!

The green send status bar gets to the end and then just freezes before the above error message is displayed.

  madPentium 17:57 08 Jul 2003

On our bt service through the broadband router, the smtp server name is

Go to any machine that works and in outlook express go to options/accounts and properties
look at the smtp server name and see if it is the same as yours.

  solano 14:52 09 Jul 2003

Bt, the b******s have changed their terms and conditions so that you cannot send mail via your own domain (i.e. you have got to send using a BT address) Surprise, surprise you can use your own mail server on payment of an extra monthly subscription.

  Valvegrid 18:43 09 Jul 2003

Nice of BT to let you know eventually. You'd think they would be a bit more pro-active and inform you before making changes.

Thanks for letting us know the outcome.


  wee eddie 20:21 09 Jul 2003

On page 11 of a 16 page document.

Well not really, but I have just read my new set of bt's Terms and Conditions and I am still not sure of the exact ramifications of some of the items several pages down the list.

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