Bizarre Events

  Granger 21:08 19 May 2003

The touchpad has stopped working properly on my laptop (Acer Travelmate 803, WinXP Pro SP1). A dialog says this is because the touchpad driver has detected another pointing device. The only things connected were the power supply and a crossover cable. I wondered if the the mouse on my PC was affecting it through the netwrok connection but its the same with the cable unplugged.

I looked in Event Viewer for the system and saw several entries for this, starting several days ago: Event ID: 42, Event Source: Disk, The driver has detected that device \Device\Harddisk0\DR0 has predicted that it will fail. Immediately back up your data and replace your hard disk drive. A failure may be imminent.

I also noticed this, an entry from shortly before the problem started: Event ID 20, Event Source: Print, Printer Driver hp deskjet 960c series for Windows NT x86 Version-3 was added or updated. Files:- hpz2ku04.dll, hpzntp04.dll, hpf96004.dat, hpfuih04.hlp, hpzr3204.dll, hpzrpp04.dll, hpzcon04.dll, hpzcfg04.exe, hpzeng04.exe, hpzflt04.dll, hpzime04.dll, hpzjui04.dll, hpzpre04.exe, hpzres04.dll, hpzstc04.exe, hpztbi04.dll, hpztbu04.exe, hpztbx04.exe, hpzvip04.dll, hpzlnt04.dll, hpzcoi04.dll. I have a HP 960C attached to my desktop, which the laptop is linked to by network. But what's all this activity?

Also from this evening: Event ID 5005; Event Source w70n51; \DEVICE\{49DA7465-B378-4C01-BBD8-4183DBEFF8D5} : Has encountered an internal error and has failed. I searched the Registry and this seems to have something to do with the networking.

One more that's only happened this evening: Event ID 12; Event Source i8042prt; The ring buffer that stores incoming mouse data has overflowed (buffer size is configurable via the PS/2 mouse properties in device manager).

The only thing I've actually done this evening is install some software on the PC (while the laptop was networked) which is an application called Volo View for viewing CAD files. I'm really confused about the printer files. It even says they are for Win NT!!!

  VoG™ 22:31 19 May 2003

I really do not know (and neither does anybody else judging from the massive response that you have had.

Have you tried a System Restore?

  Granger 23:19 19 May 2003

Hi VoG, thanks for responding. No I haven't tried restoring. I tried it once on my PC and it made such a mess that I vowed never to do it again unless the only alternative was reformat/reinstall.

Going by data on, I have a hard disk that may or may not be about to expire (but I don't believe that), a dodgy network card, not enough memory to move the "mouse" very fast, and printer drivers updating for no reason. There's going to be something tying these things together. I'll probably find out the hard way as usual!!!

This is a brand new latop, but I have a feeling this may be a self-inflicted software issue, if I can just get a handle on it...

  powerless 23:37 19 May 2003

In the event log click the link if there is one and see what MS say about it.

  Granger 00:17 20 May 2003

The only one that they have anything on is the mouse buffer overrun, and that's just generic stuff that doesn't help.

The hard disk error has been happening for days. The others only happened tonight. Do you guys think the hard disk thing could have triggered the others on some way?

  -pops- 07:34 20 May 2003

If, as you say the laptop is new and you are getting a message that the hard disk is about to expire, I would, whether I believe the message or not, take it back to where it wasbought and get them to sort out/replace/refund.


  Granger 11:13 20 May 2003

Acer are going to replace the whole shebang. I still don't believe the hard disk, network card, touchpad and everything else have all gone west at the same time, but they just want to start again. Oh well, probably get one with Bluetooth this time...

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