Bittorrent -what's it all about?

  Axii9 09:14 03 Jun 2005

I would like to know about the above. I looked it up on the net but most of it didn't make much sense to a newb like me. Pros? cons? Etc.


  Nelmon2k 09:48 03 Jun 2005

Bittorrent is a unusual type of P2P client. Its very useful for downloading programs, films etc etc. It works by downloading a small file from a site which gives a program on your computer information about the file your downloading. It then connects to other computers which has this file on it at downloads it off them. However as pretty much all the content that people download of bittorrent is illegal the sites that host the small files are being closed down very rapidly. For example click here . There are a few still up however, I'm not going to post any URLs though because its probably classed as illegal website and I don't think the Forum Editor would like it. Hope this helps

  DieSse 11:09 03 Jun 2005

There are many legitimate uses for BitTorrent - some Linux providers distribute their software this way.

The whole point is it's a distributed system - so when downloading a large file (like an Operating System), it downloads bits from amny computers that have the file on them, and reassembles the parts into the correct order.

It therefore lessens the load on the originating computer.

  Axii9 12:04 03 Jun 2005

How would you know if the file is legal or illegal? Also, if I understand it correctly, I would be connected to other peoples computers -is this safe? What about viruses, trojans etc etc?

not very safe as for legal if its on a p2p its normally bent as thats what most prole uses them for as companys just rip us off and charge us dam right outrageus prices get a good fw and av and aw dont use kazzaz as thats the worst

  rubella 12:40 03 Jun 2005

Allegedly, Usenet is safer. click here

  Porly07 12:55 03 Jun 2005

If you have a decent Firewall and AV package that is up to date you should be fine. I'm not advocating the use of Illegal downloads though! ;o)

  octal 13:21 03 Jun 2005

"if its on a p2p its normally bent"

You are wrong, the stuff p2p is not normally bent, only the people that supply or download illegal stuff are bent. There are plenty of uses for Bittorrent that don't involve downloading illegal stuff.

Take out the bent suppliers from the equation, and p2p would get used for what it was intended for in the first place, a usful resource.

  DieSse 14:42 03 Jun 2005

BitTorrent is another (efficient) method of downloading files. It's not BitTorrent (or the other P2P services) that are illegal. It's what you use them for that determines the legality.

Pro's - it's often faster than other ways of downloading files (but not always) - it's more efficient and less costly for the provider.

Con's - It can be a bit difficult to se up, and some of the clients don't work great

Otherwise it's just another tool.

yeah i agree but thats never going to happen pirateing has gone on for years and it will never stop so what the point in worrying you look at the number of member using them

i still say if the companys brought down the prices there would be no need for piracese

mind spelling its bad i no

so dont blame the people who supply the illeagel content of a p2p

and how many people to use just download legal stuff

just in mind i dont use them!!!!!

  madPentium 12:30 04 Jun 2005

pros - stick to legal downloads its great

cons - stick to illegal downloads and you get
this click here


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