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Bitdefender or Panda Anti Virus free?

  hiwatt 21:47 03 Mar 2015

Hi folks.Has anyone here tried Bitdefender or Panda free antivirus software?I've been using Avast for a while now and even though the program version wasn't set to update automatically,it did just that and caused me a few problems so I was looking at giving something else a go. Any advice please?

  tullie 23:16 03 Mar 2015

I thought that all AV updated automatically.

  hiwatt 23:38 03 Mar 2015

It updated the actual program verison not the virus definitions and after a restart which was my only option things went a bit haywire. Avast has been acting a bit off recently anyway. I have installed Avira again after years of using just Avast.So I'll see how I get on with that.Although I think I would rather have Bitdefender than Avira? Any thoughts folks?

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