A bit of a weird one

  Red Devil 14:32 14 Sep 2005

I've registered a number of domains but have recently received mail about a domain I am supposed to have registered.

A WHOIS search reveals that the domain is registered to me. All of the contact details are spot on for me.

Yet I never registered the domain.

It's the .info version TLD for a .com TLD that I have registered and use for one of my websites.

I've even checked back through my e-mails and bank account records to search for an invoice and payment to the company who claim to have registered this domain for me.

And can find no e-mail nor payment.

So, as you can imagine, I'm a bit flumoxed as to why this domain is registered to me.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:00 14 Sep 2005

Was it some sort of special offer when you registered the .com?

  Red Devil 17:06 14 Sep 2005

I don't recall that happening and a quick check has shown that the .info and .com addresses are registered via 2 different companies

  ade.h 17:24 14 Sep 2005

Hmmm, mysterious.

Two options, I guess:

1) Keep schtum and hope they don't notice. It's always worth having the rights to similar domain names to keep yours unique.

2) Tell them they've made a boo-boo and tell them that you don't want that domain, or if you do, offer to pay for it.

  PurplePenny 20:37 14 Sep 2005

Have you ever had any dealings at all with the second company?

If this is some kind of scam I can't understand how it works because surely someone, somewhere has paid to get the domain registered.

  Red Devil 20:47 14 Sep 2005

Don't recall having any dealings with the company and when I visited their website it seemed to be nothing more a search engine front end.

  slowhand_1000 13:47 18 Sep 2005

I'm sure I saw sometime back that they were registering for free the .info domain when you register .com/.co.uk.

  Forum Editor 14:29 18 Sep 2005

Surely that will give you a clue?

  Red Devil 18:33 18 Sep 2005

slowhand - I use active-domain for my domain name registration - a quick look shows that a company called name-services.com has registered the .info site.

Forum Editor - you'll have to enlighten me as to what you mean by where the domain is parked. Not sure what you mean.

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