bit torrent contact email or teleephone

  algo mas 06:00 05 Mar 2005

I have paid fot bit torrent but think they have overcharged me. [I thought I was only paying 66pence a month].however unable to download programme and the only help they offer is if you have downloaded the programme!!
Can anyone help with a direct contact to bit torrent please ?

  Lead 06:26 05 Mar 2005

What exactly have you paid for? The software to manage downloads/uploads? Or access to torrents? have you actually purchased something, or just made a donation for otherwise free software?

  octal 07:30 05 Mar 2005

This is the official site for the FAQ's for Bittorrent: click here , if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, any payment is by donation. Where are you downloading that program from? If you have tried to download that program it may have already installed itself on your computer without you knowing, run your anti-virus and a few other anti-scum-ware programs to get rid of it, in case the program's calling home.

Do you have a link to were you're downloading the program from, just the name for example without the http and www otherwise it will turn it into a "click here".

  algo mas 07:33 05 Mar 2005

Bit torrent web site confirmed that I had paid for the software using my credit card.They stated it was £27.00!! however i had clicked on the 66pence a month for two years.instead of clicking the download link i went back to try and contact them on their web site. However they only provide help for people who have paid and downloded the software. I just want a contact email or telephone no. Any help?

  algo mas 07:35 05 Mar 2005

I paid on the bit torrent website.,but i did not click on the link as I think they took too much money.
I will try my anti virus and spybot on Sunday. Taking my daughter to Warwick.

  octal 07:46 05 Mar 2005

Is this the page you went to?:

click here

Speak to you later, drive carefully.

  Salinger 09:42 05 Mar 2005

Sounds like you have been taken in by one of the many unscrupulous sites who claim you can download movies and music for free they also claim that it is 100% legal (well the software is but they charge you for that when you could get it for free on the web)

Demand a refund on misrepresentation grounds.

click here

  algo mas 01:47 06 Mar 2005

click here

This is the site I went to and if you follow it it asks for name address etc. After which it gives you a choice as stated before in the type of subscription you want.When they confirmed payment {£27.00!!] they asked me to click link to download programme.However when I saw the cost I did not download but went back to their home page in the hope to email them and cancel.However there is no contact unless you HAVE downloaded it.Surely there must be a way of tracing web site and emailing/phoning them???!!
No octal the link you showed me was some gut posing with child.
Help please?

  bobbybowls 03:07 06 Mar 2005

you have been conned contact your credit card company and explain they may try to take more money now that they have your details

  Salinger 10:10 06 Mar 2005

As I suspected, you have been conned by one of the sites which charge you for something you can get for free. Check the URL, notice that bittorrent has an "s" at the end, The genuine site is click here .com. cancel this transaction with your cc company - if you didn't download it you have received NO product, if you did download it you can still cancel on the grounds that the company has conned you into buying something that is designed to put you in violation of the law.

  User-312386 10:19 06 Mar 2005

Bit Torrent client is free

As the others have said you have paid for software that is free. Cant see you getting a refund

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