a bit of technical stuff required

  jon2 16:19 22 Oct 2004

since loading SP 2 I keep on getting trouble with my word processor (Wordpro 97) when I have used it for a while it crash's and when I look in the event viewer it say's c0000005 ataddress 00643F74 (wordpro commenWNDPROC) any idea's anybody

  Diemmess 16:41 22 Oct 2004

Ignoring the error message which I don't pretend to understand I suggest you try the "cure all" which often works with Word problems.

Search for Normal.DOT in Word97 folders and delete it!

You will lose personal settings, but next time you open Word, it will make a brand new file of normal.dot which is a lot more important part of Winword.exe (and all that follows) than a simple template would appear to be.

N.B. Be sure that it is Word's own normal.dot and not part of another application altogether.

  jon2 16:55 22 Oct 2004

can't seem to find normal.dot yet

  cherria 16:55 22 Oct 2004

jon2 is not using Word, he is using Wordpro 97, an app from Lotus (IBM).

Unfortunately, there are many apps that have compatibility problems with SP2. I looked on the Lotus (IBM) website for an update for SP2 but unfortunately for you, the last update from IBM was back in April, way before SP2 was released.

My only suggestion would be to uninstall Wordpro or the whole smartsuite and reinstall them.

  Diemmess 17:55 22 Oct 2004

Well spotted. I'll change my glasses

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