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  Sashcord 23:42 08 Dec 2004

Sometimes, after filling in details in a pop up window questionnaire - particularly long ones - I find that I cannot get down to click on the "Submit" button. Even when I've dragged everything down off the bottom bar, it is still not in sight. Nor can I drag the window up, to reveal it. Can anyone please tell me how to reach this elusive button to send in details. I am working on a laptop, if that makes any difference.

  GaT7 00:02 09 Dec 2004

Try clicking on the minimise/maximise box(es) in the right top corner of the window - you should then get a scroll bar on the right... G

  Sashcord 00:15 09 Dec 2004

You've got an understanding of the main problem Crossbow but, I've just tried it, and the maximise button is greyed out and the minimise just takes the pop up off the screen and shows it on the bottom bar. Thanks for trying anyway. But I still can't seem to get it.

  Bebee 07:14 09 Dec 2004

Can you resize the window from the top? Click and hold on the top edge when you get the double arrow. Drag it down then move the whole window up by dragging on the title bar. Hopefully you'll reach the bottom eventually.

  the Rascal 07:55 09 Dec 2004

Maybe its the resolution your monitor is set to causing the problem,If you can try ajusting the resolution a bit bigger

  Sashcord 10:50 09 Dec 2004

I've tried that, Bebee, but when I get the double arrow on the pop up window and start to drag, it shoots to the bottom bar and leaves me with the original window, which I could drag but don't need to. Your idea sounds promising, Rascal. Can you tell this relative beginner how to adjust resolution please? I suppose it might help to know for other things too. Thanks for bearing with me.

  GaT7 15:48 09 Dec 2004

Sashcord, the best thing you can do is provide a link or links to the popup windows/q'aires? We may be able to help better if we can manipulate the popup windows for ourselves.

About changing the resolution. You haven't mentioned your OS, but you should be able to right-click on your desktop & choose Active Desktop/Customize my Desktop (or try: Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Display). In Display Properties click on the 'Settings' tab. Drag the 'Screen area' slider to the right a little (towards 'More'). Press Apply. OK. Now check to see if the popup windows work. If not, repeat the above process, each time gradually increasing the resolution/screen area. Remember, you can also use the Search facility in Windows Help to know how to do the above & several other things. G

  wjrt 00:11 10 Dec 2004

using 98SE moving mouse arrow to dropdown menu then using down arrow button works for me

  Sashcord 12:38 10 Dec 2004

Sorry couldn't get back until now and thanks for taking so much time to explain things Crossbow and wjrt. I have windows 98 on a laptop. It looks like re-sizing is the way to go because it doesn't happen on all pop up windows (but quite a lot of them). Here's the latest example on a pop up advent calendar click here I can answer the question and put my details in but, then, not reach the button to submit it. This is the familiar problem with others. I've followed your very clear directions, Crossbow but haven't achieved it yet. Will experiment some more. And thanks for the tip about the search facility.

  GaT7 21:57 10 Dec 2004

Right Sashcord, I now know what you mean because I'm having the same problem with your link & at a loss - also using Win98se & Internet Explorer (IE). But no problems using an alternative browser like Avant Browser (AB) & Mozilla Firefox (MF).

Though I'm getting a scrollbar with IE I'm still unable to scroll to the bottom. I also get a scrollbar with AB & MF but the difference here is that it WORKS! Give these a go & see if they help.

To get AB - click here (1.1Mb download). For FM - click here (4.7Mb d'load). Both a free, 'tabbed' browsers &, in my opinion, much better than IE. (AB actually 'rides' on IE's back! Another well-recommended browser is Opera click here, which you can also try at some point.) When using AB you'll notice that popup windows open as a separate 'tab'. Any problems, just post again. G

PS - Don't remove IE whichever alternative browser(s) you decide to keep/use.

  Sashcord 14:19 17 Dec 2004

Sorry for delay. Serious family illness has kept me away from computer and still goes on. I will try your suggestions when I can, Crossbow7, thanks for your efforts & patience. Incidentally, I just tried the same link click here
and, without changing anything other than just moving the task bar down, was just able to reach the submit button, which I could not do before. Will experiment with all your suggestions and let you know. Merry Christmas.

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