A bit of a long shot...

  Stormpool 23:42 05 May 2004

Running Windows 2003..
File Server
Application Sever
Domain Controller (Active Directory)
DNS Server

I've setup a domain, and I have two Windows XP Pro's running on it.
I'm also running MS Exchange 2003.
Each Win XP has an account, for each account I have setup MS Outlook to work on Exchange, each with different users as specified on the Active Directory.

Now once I log into these, exchange creates the mailbox in the Mailbox Store - Mailboxes
I want to create a Mailbox which they both have access to, and can send as that user. When I create this new user on the AD, it doesn't create a Mailbox, I don't suppose it will until I log into MS Outlook using that User.

But.. there must be some way, because it would be ridiculous to login to each user to make their mailbox available.

Any ideas... anyone? .. *fingers crossed* ..*tightly*

  Stormpool 09:08 06 May 2004

I think it appears that might be the only way, to login.. as you can set permissions in properties of the mailbox in MS Outlook

Oh well

  AcidBurn7uk 09:15 06 May 2004

Not an expert in the field, but maybe it's a security issue, and it needs outlook to "authorise" the mailboxes. Just a though.

  recap 11:49 06 May 2004

Create a user account as normal in AD. After selecting the password options you are presented with a window were you should tick the box to create an account in Exchange.

The next time a user logs in their account should be automatically be up dated and add the user to the Store.

  Stormpool 12:37 06 May 2004

Yes, that is the only way I have found to do it.. I was expecting a method where I don't have to log on as that user.

But i guess I'll just do it this way..


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