Bit defender Trouble

  drybones 12:13 30 Sep 2008

Hi to all
Has anyone had this trouble with Bitdefender I installed in Jan this year and it has preformed faultlessly till 6 weeks ago now when going online I get a message saying my PC is at risk as the Bitdefender is off and needs fixing,if left I can eventually log on but it takes ages to do so.I have uninstalled and reinstalled Bitdefender to no avail,can anyone please give a clue as to what to do ,thanks for looking.

  birdface 13:57 30 Sep 2008

Maybe run the uninstall tool then run C Cleaner then here

  mfletch 14:04 30 Sep 2008

Have you installed any new software in the past 6 weeks?

  drybones 17:29 30 Sep 2008

No I have not installed anything,and it is still the same after trying butemans advice,

  drybones 09:21 01 Oct 2008

Whoops I just remembered installing XP SP3,I uninstalled SP3 and things are back to normal is it wise to leave this off or should I uninstall Bitdefender put SP3 back then install security again,or just leave it alone while things are working, Thanks for the help.

  birdface 10:02 01 Oct 2008

You always take a chance this way.But better to turn your your security programs off as well as your firewall when downloading SP3.When you reboot the computer they should all start up again.But the choice is yours.if you are happy with itthe way it is just leave it for a while.

  drybones 10:50 01 Oct 2008

Many thanks for your help once again, you have helped me in the past and I value your advice

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