bit of advice on broadband please

  ĀÕL иàťﻍŗ 07:57 08 Apr 2003

hi all i would like a bit of advice on broadband please, i have looked at the other threads on the subject but feel the need to post again.
i have looked at a few providers...... i am not sure if bt is the best value for money? and you dont get any email addresses.
2. onetel. you only get one email address and me and my wife need one each?
3. freeserve. i have heard some horor stories about broadband in a box
4. aol. well?!!!??
i would appreciate some good advice on the 3 above first and then on any recomendations you all may have. i do not have cable and am not in a telewest or ntl area.
i would need to pay the monthly bill by direct debit.
and can we use the broadband even if we are different users on win xp pro?


thanks so much in advance

  €dstow 08:05 08 Apr 2003

Note that bt do two deals - Openworld with numerous email addresses and bt Broadband which gives the basic connection to the system and you sort out everything else yourself.

I've been on bt Openworld almost from the start and have no complaints at all. The system downtime is negligible.


  porcup1ne 08:08 08 Apr 2003

I had the same dilemna when I first started looking at broadband. Best place to get a better picture is at From here, I chose Zen, simply because you can pay month by month (free installation this month), they have been in the top three since I joined a year ago and their service is really top notch.

I wouldnt touch any of the ones mentioned with a bargepole, due to lack of support, limited bandwidth, contract break penalties and turn around time, not to mention bad speed.

  armageddon_outta_here 08:18 08 Apr 2003

I posted this on other thread:

Some of BT's so-called broadband service is not as fast as (say) cable broadband. I use Telewest cable, which is better than using your existing telephone line. Look for at least 512 (£25 per month) or if you really want speed what about 1mb service (£35 month). Make sure you have good firewall (sygate) and antivirus software (Norton or AVG?)

If you can't get broadband and you stay with dial up, make sure that your telephone copmpany has increased the "gain" on your line. Gives you a bit extra speed.

I hope it helps.

  lester1 23:50 08 Apr 2003

On BT Broadband
no probs e-mail at talk21

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