BIOS/UEFI Windows 8

  RIPInspiron 20:07 20 Jul 2014

Probably asked before - apologies if so, please post a link.

I used Macrium Reflect to produce an image backup when using Vista - brilliant, simple, hassle-free. Setting things up for Windows 8 is simple enough - making the image and the backup boot CD, but how the * do I get the machine to boot from the rescue CD?

(Ideally I would just set the boot preference permanently to CD and if no bootable CD was present, default to the hard disk.)

  rdave13 20:22 20 Jul 2014

Check the manufacturer's site on how to disable secure boot.

  RIPInspiron 22:45 20 Jul 2014

I will check the Dell website, but suspect that this is a small part of the answer. With Vista, hitting F12 as the machine booted went into a simple BIOS screen where you could select "boot from CD". This isn't close to what you get with Windows 8. There is one hell of a lot of garbage advice on the www about how to boot from CD/USB, almost all refer to a "general" option in settings that does not exist. One YouTube instruction does show how to boot once from a USB device - very complicated boot from USB

but it does not contain what I have asked for here, and my understanding of how software (etc.) works means that I cannot pick out what I need from it./

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:07 20 Jul 2014

Disable UEFI secure boot and change to Legacy boot.

  1. Open Settings by going to the Charms Bar and clicking on the Gear icon.

  2. Go to "Change PC Settings" at the bottom right corner of the screen, below the icons.

  3. On the left, scroll down and select "General Settings."

  4. On the right, scroll down through the settings options to find "Advanced Options."

  5. The standard Metro interface will close out and open up a blue screen with several tiles.

  6. Select "UEFI Firmware Settings" — you may need to first select "Tools and Settings" and then "Advance Options"— and then follow the prompt to restart and change settings.

  7. Upon rebooting, the system should produce a startup menu.

  8. Select "BIOS setup." Under the "System Configuration" tab, find "Boot Options." (In some instances, Boot Options will instead be found under the "Security" tab.)

  9. Once into the Boot Options menu, you will first find "Secure Boot" and disable it.

  10. Still in the Boot Options menu, find "Legacy Boot" and change it to enabled.

  11. Change the Legacy Boot Order so that either the optical drive or USB device take priority.

  12. Finally, exit the BIOS, saving changes (F10).

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