Bios Upgrade for Windows 2000

  Farleyjim 14:25 17 Aug 2004

I've just tried to load windows 2000 on a newly formatted hard disk and been told that the ACPI Bios is not fully compliant with ACPI spec. From that I assume the motherboard is too old (bios date 2/8/99). My intention is to download a bios upgrade. Are there any other issues I should consider e.g. board is too old to bother with? Any views would be welcome, thanks.

  Farleyjim 20:03 19 Aug 2004

Given all the potential hassle, I bit the bullet and drove over to Novatech and bought one of their motherboard bundles for £104. It fitted a treat and I have now loaded Windows 2000 and am now well on my way. Many thanks to all.

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