Bios updates, how often they occur?

  PhillyG76 03:55 12 May 2019

This is just a general question for motherboards and GPU bios updates. How often do new bios updates occur for either, and why does there seem to be a lot of people that aren’t keen on updating bios’s? I look at them like driver updates. I know there can be more risk, but I hope that as they don’t seem to occur as regular, that more time is spent getting rid of bugs. I look at it that, an update must’ve been made for a reason such as stability, or general improvement, so that’s why I always update everything, there’s been issues with gpu drivers such as Nvidia one making cpu usage go high. But they’ve since got rid of that with next update and tbh I didn’t notice any problems before. So what are people’s thoughts? Thanks.

  john bunyan 18:04 12 May 2019

Like you I update “ offers”!of software, windows and BIOS when they roll out. I hope that the people offering the update do it for s good reason. I don’t pre-empt such things such as using “development programs “ or beta programmes etc

  Old Deuteronomy 20:14 12 May 2019

Many people are reluctant to update BIOSes as there is a risk, when doing so, of rendering the motherboard or GPU useless, although less so now than in the past. I think most agree, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Updating drivers is not the same as updating the BIOS and is generally low risk.

  wee eddie 20:35 12 May 2019

I think that I should also add that there a number of Sites offering updates and all you get is Malware

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:29 13 May 2019

How often do new bios updates occur for either

Rarely and unless your upgrading hardware then your unlikely to need it. About 20 yrs ago, once wrecked a motherboard with a BIOS update that failed cost over £200 for new board cpu and memory ( don't tell her indoors).

Got the old board working again but by that time it was out of date.

  john bunyan 19:27 13 May 2019

If one is advised by the PC maker to do a flash update of the BIOS , as I have been on my Dell laptop , which went OK, I thought they had a good reason?

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