BIOS update, what can go wrong?

  square eyes 19:11 13 Mar 2003


There has been a long thread on XP restarting on its own and seems it is affecting alot of people.
For me it occurs when using 3D applications.
I have tried just about everything to cure this and one thing i haven't done is a BIOS update.
I read today in an earlier thread that this has done the trick for somebody with a similar problem although it was a different Mobo.
My PC is under warrantee so i have rung them and they told me to download a prgram called "Burnin", it tests your hardare for faults and when using the latest version of the Radeon 9000 pro driver the test failed on 2D graphics unable to "draw shape". When i use a much earlier driver (could be the first one) the test passes and the restarts are very seldom apart from a message saying "the program has to close" which dont seem to be as drastic and not nearly as often.
I mentioned all this to put you in the picture a bit.
Final point is, i told Mesh what the results of the test were and the nature of the errors and he came back after a minute and confidently said "the problem is to do with either two things, the ram might be faulty or the Graphics card could be faulty and i would have to send the machine in to them". That is one thing i really wanted to avoid, he said i should have it back within 3 weeks but have heard that before! No faith, sorry.
I mentioned a BIOS update and he wasn't to enthusiastic but said i could give it a go, so he directed me to the file at the asus website and i have downloaded to floppy. It seems i don't have too much to loose, if it works ok but doesn't cure the problem, i'll have to send it back and if it goes wrong i'll still have to send it back.
I'm gonna do it, i have a guide on updating the bios click here

People say that you shouldn't do it as if it goes wrong, there will be tears.
I'm not silly and am not going to do anything im unsure about. I understand if there was a power cut during installation this would be bad, but what else can go wrong if i have the right file on floppy, boot from it and follow the instructions?

Anything i should know before i crack on with it??
thanks in advance.

  Rayuk 19:19 13 Mar 2003

Thats the main problem if you have a power cut it can kill the board[bios chip].
They say dont update bios unless you have a problem[which you do]
As long as you follow the set procedure you should be ok.

  square eyes 19:28 13 Mar 2003

Thanks Rayuk, a vote of confidence there.
I was hesitant because the manual sates "dont update unless you are sure it will cure the problem" well, thats very difficult to know for sure.
If yer intersted, ill post back later (if i can!!) and let you know how it went.

wish me luck

  Rayuk 19:30 13 Mar 2003

Have been in the same position before so understand your nervousness,post back when you have been successful

  Stuartli 19:47 13 Mar 2003

In a word - don't!

Leave it to Mesh to sort it out under warranty.

The problem you have is probably nothing to do with the BIOS - updates are more likely to be done to enable a faster CPU to be used.

You say the system was working OK until 3D applications were used; perhaps they are not XP compatible.

  Rayuk 19:54 13 Mar 2003

As the Mesh advisor said to give it a go cannot see what Square Eyes has to loose by flashing, if it doesnt work he can send it back under warranty anyway.

  skell 22:04 13 Mar 2003

Send it back to Mesh!!!

I got my computer back within a two weeks, everything sorted and BIOS updated. But if you want to give it a go yourself, If Mesh advised you to update your bios yourself I hope you have it in writing. Wouldnt want your warranty to be viod. Good luck!

  VoG™ 22:12 13 Mar 2003

What you have got to lose is that you could end up with a 'puter that won't boot - we've had threads on here like that before.

Get the supplier to sort it out.

  carver 22:23 13 Mar 2003

If you attempt to do this and fail and you have to send it back, you could be faced with a hefty bill from Mesh.That person on the other end of the phone will deny he told you to do something that could kill your P/C, the majority of them work from a script and if your problem doesn't fall in to a slot your P/C goes back.

  square eyes 23:40 13 Mar 2003

Thanks for everyone's concern, its worth holding it off until i can get something from Mesh as proof to say it wont affect my warrantee.
Ok the consequences are big if things go wrong, but so is walking along a cliff top with your eyes shut! i am taking this seriously and making sure i know what i need to know to update the bios.
I have copied the update step from Asus, there's only a few steps involved and if i can have it in writing that its ok to do so then i shall.
When you have been treated badly by a company your confidence with them goes out the window.
It could come back with more problems than before in which case it would have turned into a huge headache and we all know that those situations occur more than necessary.

Its all part of the learning curve!


  Rayuk 17:22 14 Mar 2003

Perhaps I may have spoken out of turn but I have an interest in

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