Bios Update Problem

  bob's 15:45 02 May 2005

I have an Asrock K7S8X motherboard and i could not get Suse Linux 9.2 to install on the Pc so i decided to upgrade the Bios from Ver 1.30 to 2.60 to see would it help.It made no difference to linux but now when i switch on the Pc it does not boot up.I then turn off the power and back on again and then it works.It is the same for restart, i have to turn off the power and back on again. Is it a problem with the bios or the settings in the bios?. I set them to default.

  DieSse 17:34 02 May 2005

After updating a BIOS, it is recommended to clear the BIOS by means of the jumper (or removing the battery for a few hours) - then when you power up set it to defaults - then later on change any settings you need. It may help.

  bob's 18:05 02 May 2005

Thanks,I will try that

  bob's 18:49 02 May 2005

No,Still the same after clearing Cmos

  slimbo51 19:06 02 May 2005

Sure you got the exact version of Bios upgrade for your machine....?

  bob's 20:36 02 May 2005

I think so as i checked on their site and according to my manual i have a Asrock K7S8X motherboard with Sis746fx chipset and i downloaded the Bios for it which was K7S8X Ver 2.60.I even used Sandra to verify the motherboard and chipset.

  DieSse 20:45 02 May 2005

Look in the BIOS for two settings -

Quick power on Test - set to DISabled

Hard Drive Delay - Set it to a delay (sorry I can't be more precise - you may or may not have such a setting, and I don't know what the options may be)

The reason for the above is, to delay the boot in order to give the hard drive more time to spin up and become ready. It may be there was a delay set in the BIOS before you changed it.

  bob's 22:27 02 May 2005

I cannot find either of those settings in the bios only Quick Boot which i disabled.It makes no difference.When i switch on the hard drive starts for a couple of seconds but then stops.The power light on the monitor does not come on.I then switch off the power by holding the button in for a few seconds and when i power up again it works

  LastChip 22:38 02 May 2005

The chances are, your CPU speed is incorrectly set. When you flash a BIOS, it loads a set of parameters that will get most systems going, but not necessarily the correct ones.

First you need to know what CPU you have, the bus speed and the multiplier.

Next, go into the BIOS and check that these are the settings you have; if not change them as required.

As an aside, I had the same problem with SuSE 9.2. It seems to be finicky about the CD Drive you use to load the operating system. In my case, a change of CD Drive cured the problem. I thought it was down to the CD Drive being past its best, but after your experience, I wonder if the installation program drivers are not all they should be.

  mac donald 14:43 03 May 2005

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