Bios Update - PC Chips M848A (2.1)

  igr 22:00 14 Jul 2004

I am very happy with the way the motherboard and configuration is working, but there is a known bug in the Bios (dated 21st August 2003) for which the manufacturer had posted a revision (dated 1st December 2003)on their web site. The problem is that the revision shows a different model flag during the flashing process. I've not had the bottle to ignore the incompatable flag and aborted the flash.

I've emailed ECS technical support a couple of times with all the details asking them to correct their Bios update, but I guess the pile em high, flog em cheap manufacturers in Taiwan don't really offer any reliable customer aftercare.

So, the questions are, has any M848A user tried the flash (031201) and what happened, is there a better source for an updated Bios, or can somebody who can write in manderin pass my request along?

  citadel 22:31 14 Jul 2004

If your computer is working with no problems it is best to leave bios alone.

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