Bios update or complete reload.

  drumkit 15:03 27 Nov 2012


i have a Biostar t-series ta785ge (amd am2+). im quite tech savvy with software but not hardware. basically my computer does strange thins during bootup and posting and bios etc. it wont go into windows but thats another story. even without a hardrive connected it still misbehaves. i want to reload or update or repair the bios.

i followed the website intsructions for flash bios update and utility runs but theres no bios file for me to update, there should be an fs0 option to search for the file, but its not there.

i dont even know if its possible to reinstall the bios, has anyone done this before or better, with this board or same make?

really i think the motherboard is knackered and i would like to know if theres anyway of saving it. all the hardware switches on and it gets to windows loading screens or repair screens through repair discs etc. but everytime i reboot it does somthing different and almost always freezes at some point. i have run memtest and tried various hardware configurations to no avail and im an few hours away from purchasing a new motherboard.

thanks in advance for any help or advice you have to offer

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:19 27 Nov 2012

Your BIOS here

down load and save to usb, run the Bios update facility from the usb

  lotvic 15:24 27 Nov 2012

Take harddrive out for now.

Take out the mem ram sticks and reseat them, try with one stick at a time, it might be a bad stick. Reseat other cables etc attached to motherboard in case it is a loose connection. Might even be loose external connection, keyboard, mouse etc.

Did you try resetting bios to Default settings by removing the battery for at least 10 mins? then put back in or better still put a new battery in in case flat battery is causing prob.

I can't help with flashing/reloading file as not ever had to do that.

  drumkit 18:42 27 Nov 2012

thx for help,

that bios update utility was one of 3 that i was using. anyway...

its working again, i disconnected all hardware from mb except dvd drive 1 stick of memory (usually theres four), processor +fan and the power supply unit. when i booted it loaded the windows disc (in dvd drive) and when to setup menu. after that i replaced each compnent 1 by 1 starting with hard disk and each time it went into the op system i shut it down, added another component and rebooted. 2 hours later pc is completely fixed.

im baffled, must be hardware problem and bios was fine all along.

thx again for help

  drumkit 18:43 27 Nov 2012

btw i didnt install from the reinstall windows disc, my operating system was still intact

  lotvic 18:57 27 Nov 2012

I'm glad you got it working again. Pesky things those loose connections... :)

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