BIOS update

  Macca774 16:43 08 Jun 2010

I have a Packard Bell system using an ASUS motherboard P5VD2-NVM/S. The system came pre installed with 512MB RAM but I have now filled both banks with 1GB sticks (Kingston). The system applet only shows 1GB. When I run the Crucial scan, it sees 2x512 sicks! The report also says that I can install up to 4GB, I don't need that much. Do I need to upgrade my BIOS? If so, where can I get the download, I've searched everywhere! Any help is greatly appreciated.

  citadel 16:53 08 Jun 2010

asus is the best place to get info on motherboard, download manual

  rawprawn 17:10 08 Jun 2010

Is this what you are looking for?
click here

  birdface 17:51 08 Jun 2010

Maybe Kingston sent the wrong Ram.
Especially as Crucial can only see 2x512 mb.

Right click my computer and press properties.
it should tell you on there how much memory that you have.

  T I M B O 18:13 08 Jun 2010

What operating system, xp/vista/7 ??

  Atlantic Man 08:28 09 Jun 2010

Updating the bios is not really recommended when you dont know what you are doing.
You can seriously jam up your PC for good

Cause if the update does not work, you will have a problem, reloading the previous version.


  onthelimit 09:03 09 Jun 2010

Yes, caution - as far as i am aware, if flashing the BIOS goes wrong, it's only fit for the skip!

  Macca774 00:49 10 Jun 2010

To TIMBO, I'm running XP Professional Vienna Concept.

buteman, they're definately 1GB sticks, if I only install one, then the amount is sill only 1GB, if I install both, then only 1GB is still seen.

rawprawn, Thanks for the link, I'll try that if all else fails, thanks!

  birdface 05:12 10 Jun 2010

Have you tried just installing the other one or do both work seperately.

  leavingpastime 07:36 10 Jun 2010

Upgrading RAM is Optional

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