BIOS shows new hard disk as disabled

  musicbassman 11:37 06 Jan 2005

I have just installed a new hard disk - Maxtor160gb 7200 ATA 133 - but I can't reinstall XP. (See previous thread 'Windows Set Up repeats on installation)

Reason seems to be that when I go into the BIOS and select the hard disk (showing as Maxtor correctly) I get the message

'IDE Hard Drive disabled'

Can anyone help with this please ?

  Graham ® 11:43 06 Jan 2005

You may have to change the drive details in BIOS, ie number of heads, sectors, etc.

  ACOLYTE 11:48 06 Jan 2005

What mobo have you got? and will it take a drive that big? without an upgrade.
click here

May help a bit.

  JIM 11:53 06 Jan 2005
  ACOLYTE 12:07 06 Jan 2005

As you removed a hdd to put new one in,why not put the other back leave the new one in, and set up windows on the old drive then look in drive management for the new drive format it install windows on it and then swop it to the boot drive,might work,and if it doesnt you can always format it again.

  musicbassman 13:16 06 Jan 2005

Sorry I didn't explain this - I had to replace the HDD as the previous one (120gb) failed completely - so lost XP OS etc although documents had been recently backed up.

  FelixTCat 13:33 06 Jan 2005

Set the BIOS to autodetect for the new hard disk then make sure that you select LBA as drive type, otherwise you will get the wrong capacity.

  ACOLYTE 13:49 06 Jan 2005

Have you tried resetting the bios to default values?,also what motherboard is it.

  musicbassman 14:53 06 Jan 2005

Sorry guys, must confess I don't know how to set BIOS to autodetect, or how to reset to default values :(

All advice gratefully received.

Have looked up PC spec, apparently the motherboard is Asus P4B533 with Intel 845 chipset

  JIM 16:51 06 Jan 2005

Sorry!! if the following may appear a dumb question.I'am not sure even if it applies or is relevent.I am also a bit lost at what's happening to you now.

Reading up on your spec of drive intallation the MaxBlast 3 software is talked about,was that software installed?


  musicbassman 19:52 06 Jan 2005

Thanks for sticking with this! I don't know what software you're talking about - I certainly didn't receive any software with the hdd when I bought it (direct from Novatech at Portsmouth last Tuesday). No software, no literature, zilch. Just an hdd wrapped in a sealed static - proof bag in a sealed box.
I simply replaced the existing hdd with the new one and reconnected the cables - took about 10 mins.
Is there more to it than that? I didn't know there was installation software for integral hdd's, if that's what you mean.

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