bios showing wrong processor

  Steve C 15:00 26 Feb 2003

I have installed a new motherboard gigabyte socket a ga7zxe and athlon xp 2gig processor
the bios only shows 1250mghz is the processor running at 2g or do i need to change something

  woodchip 15:01 26 Feb 2003

Have you got the FSB set to 133/133 in the BIOS

  jazzypop 15:05 26 Feb 2003

I suspect you need to change the Front Side Bus (FSB) setting from 100 to 133MHz in the BIOS.

The actual speed of an Athlon 2000 is 1.67GHz (1670MHz), so you need a 133 FSB and a 12.5 multiplier.

133 x 12.5 = 1662.5, which is close enough :)

  Stalker 15:17 26 Feb 2003

*me* pulls out 7ZXE manual out :D

If you look on page 8 of the Gigabyte 7zxe manual it explains that you need to change to jumper "CLK_JP" to posistion 1-2 this will set the mainboard to use a FSB of 133
This jumper is located just beneath the 3rd dimm slot to the right of the AGP slot, default its set to 2-3 (which is 100).


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