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Bios setup for devices

  carryduff 13:44 21 Oct 2008

I recently done a reinstall of windows XP sp2 which involved changing the boot devices in bios to boot from cd, however I've forgotten the original settings and would appreciate some advice on resetting the original or normal settings for the boot device sequence as at the moment can't play cds as system wants to boot up from these. Many thanks

  Technotiger 14:10 21 Oct 2008

Normal BIOS boot sequence is Hard Drive 0(the drive with your OS, then any other hard drives 01 etc, then CD ROM's, then Floppy.

  carryduff 15:36 21 Oct 2008

Hi Technotiger, I've reset bios as suggested but system still wants to reboot from cd, any way of turning this off?

  Technotiger 17:15 21 Oct 2008

Hi skidzy, my Floopy's gone all floppy - wot shud I do ?? :-))

  Technotiger 17:17 21 Oct 2008

When yuou set the changes in the BIOS, did you press F10 to Save the settings and leave the Bios menu??

  Technotiger 17:17 21 Oct 2008

Ooops, now I'm doing it ... yuou - should be you ...

  carryduff 18:22 21 Oct 2008

Reset boot order as skidzy suggested and all is well again. Many thanks to everyone who replied. Over the years you guys have saved me a fortune in call out fees etc, once again a big thank you to all.

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