BIOS setup for AMD Sempron

  stugra 20:41 07 Oct 2004

I have a PCchips M863G motherboard with the latest BIOS flashed to take the Sempron CPU's. In the board I have a Sempron 2200+ processor.

Windows shows the processor as an AMD 900Mhz, therefore I am wondering if it has been set up right in BIOS.

I believe the FSB is 166 (333MHz), the multiplier 9 and the clock speed is 1500Mhz - although I am not 100% sure of what all this means.

My question is how exactly this should be set up in the BIOS (AMI)?

Options are:
CPU frequency 100, 133, 166
Autodetect of DRAM clock coming up with 133MHz - if this is disabled, I have the option of a CPU/DRAM frequency ratio of 1:1, 5:3, or 5:4

Many thanks.

  stugra 21:10 07 Oct 2004

OK, having read the book a bit more - I believe the DRAM bit is all to do with the DDR RAM installed, so I just need to check if all I need to do is tweak the CPU frequency??

Should I read CPU frequency = the FSB that I should set??


  dan 11 22:02 07 Oct 2004

Options are: CPU frequency 100, 133, 166. This should be set to 166

I have the option of a CPU/DRAM frequency ratio of 1:1, 5:3, or 5:4 . This option depends on the speed of your ram.Leave at autodetect or use;

If the ram is pc2700 i.e.166 then you want 1:1

If the ram is pc100 i.e.100 then you want 5:3

if the ram is pc2100 i.e.133 then you want 5:4

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