Bios settings for a Quad core Q6600

  Guybrush1 16:51 01 Jul 2008

Hi people

Wonder if you can advise me please as I've just purchased a Q6600

My fsb for my current processor is 800mhz and of course the Q6600 is 1066. At the moment I have PC6400 800mhz. Do I leave all bios settings at 800mhz or should I change processor & fsb settings to 1066mhz or will it cause instability with the memory at 800mhz?



  Quiller. 17:08 01 Jul 2008

It will depend on your motherboard. Most are auto detect for cpu and memory.

It should run the cpu @ 1066 and the memory @ 800.

Post back the details of the motherboard if you want it to be checked.

  Guybrush1 12:37 02 Jul 2008

Cheers 4 that m8.....on installing it it confirmed that you are spot on



  Quiller. 12:45 02 Jul 2008

Pleased it has worked out for you:-)

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