BIOS settings changed

  Jlen 08:14 30 Aug 2007

'Everything goes in threes!!
On another issue I let my son (Mr Know it all!!)look at the BIOS settings on my PC now I can't get past a 'blue' screen with a lot of blah blah but the key info being 'Unmountable_boot_volume' and Tech detail:

this screen comes when I try to go into safe mode
I have had a look at the BIOS(F2)but dont want to touch anything .My son says the only things he changed (and he cant remember what he changed!)was settings in the 'Boot sequence'& 'Drives' in the navigation menu.
I am running Dell 5100,XP SP2 with Internal hard and CD drives
Can anyone help? i will be using office and sons pc to pick up fixes.
Lessons learned ..never let yr kids mess about with yr pc leave it to the experts on hand in PC Advisor

  Graham. 09:00 30 Aug 2007

Go into BIOS and load the 'Fail Safe' default settings.

  umbongo(uk) 09:05 30 Aug 2007

go into bios and find

load bios defaults

or it may be called depending on bios

"load default settings"
"load fail_safe settings"

usualy it will tell you the key to press on the bottom to revert the setting back

if these fail do a hard reset were by you move a small jumper (blue or black piece of plastic over) remember to unplug the pc before doing this

the final method to reset is remove the battery from on the motherboard for about a minute the place it back on the board

  Jlen 17:25 01 Sep 2007

Resetting to factory/failsafe did not work,understand the battery solution but 'a' jumper not a particular one.Someone told me that Dell can do a fix and costs circa 50 gbp?? any other fixes would be appreciated

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:35 01 Sep 2007
  ashdav 02:16 02 Sep 2007

Have you got 2 hardrives ?
The "unmountable boot volume" message means your computer is trying to start up from a device which doesn't have an operating system installed on it.
If you can get into the bios set the boot order to C: as first device to confirm that the computer will boot.
If it does then go into the bios and set the boot order to suit your needs, eg.
1. floppy
2. cd/dvd
3. c/hardrive

  Quiller. 11:52 02 Sep 2007

Also check to see if a cdrom disk or floppy or usb device has been left in the computer

As to the cmos jumper. here is your manual click here with the RTC reset jumper shown on page 61. With clearing the cmos settings on page 112

  Jlen 13:03 03 Sep 2007

Well guys its down to the wire have tried all options (only one hard drive by the way)jumper battery etc but still the screen of blue death at the end of each attempt. 3 options left and I don't know about 2 of them
-Copy (if poss)the duff hard drive onto my sons HDD for defrag etc
- Dell PC Restore (Symantec)

or BUY new HDD

or possibly one snippet of a fix hiding out there?
As always thanks for the input

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